Our Services


We have a black belt when it comes to web design and concept creation. Whether you are looking for starting a new website or giving your existing one a makeover, we can offer a fresh and innovative approach, being able to create completely custom and unique design work. Respecting the web standards, we create websites that work for your business!


What if your address changed or some alterations are needed in the “About” section? Are you too busy and would rather focus on your business than on your website maintenance? We can handle any kind of updates, large scale or small, and we make sure your website’s performance doesn’t let you down through our ongoing technical support.


Grab your audience’s attention and get your message across through a strategic planned advertising banner, a Google Adwords Campaign or Social Media Campaign. Along with a search engine optimised website, those are the easiest, most effective and affordable ways to stay connected with your customers. We can drastically improve your digital marketing results and in a short period of time, your business will hold the place it deserves in the modern digital world.


Want to increase your sales? Need to expand your business abroad? Creating an e-shop on your website might be the best solution and we can definitely help you with that easily and securely! Every e-shop we build includes complete cart solutions, easy checkout process, complete control over your store and unique design with user friendly interface.


Wanting to offer complete solutions to our customers, we provide high-quality hosting services, prioritising high speed and maximum availability (uptime) of your website. We host our websites on Virtual Private Servers (VPS), providing stability and reliability to the online presence of your business.


The main goal of any business is to make its presence felt wherever its potential customers are. At a time when social media is an important part of everyday life, we create and manage your business’s social networks. We create unique content or adapt aesthetically content you provide, so that your business can acquire a professional web presence and to make a difference in the field of social media.

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